Edmond Brooks-Beckman British, b. 1987


“I don't make shapes to fill in. I don't blend space, or think too much about how colour fields affect each other. I plaster paint on, bury marks, embed them, scratch away and ultimately look for some kind of network of interlaced form.”


Edmond Brooks-Beckman

Edmond Brooks-Beckman (b. 1987, London) is a painter living and working in London. Through his process of addition and removal, Brooks-Beckman creates heavily worked surfaces featuring pictographic, textual and abstract elements. Through his work, the artist delves into the potential of formal components–line, colour, composition, while also generating references which are personal, cultural and historical and often in response to his Jewish identity.


His studio practice has always worked alongside his teaching practice. Having completed a PGCE at the IOE in 2016 and worked within secondary education as an Art and Design teacher he progressed on to foundation course leader at the Hampstead School of Art, where he currently teaches. He is about to complete an MA in Painting at The Royal College of Art.