Andrew Pierre Hart British


“By proposing Painting and Sound, through the notion of cross-modality, reconstructing languages, and idea generation, my practice responds ad infinitum: an improvisation of improvisation. All of this is translated through the action of play and experimentation.”


–Andrew Pierre Hart

Andrew Pierre Hart is an inter-disciplinary artist who lives and works in London. The main focus of Hart’s work is the symbiotic relationship between sound and painting, an on-going rhythmic research and play of improvised and spontaneous generative processes using various mediums: sound, video, performance, movement, collaboration, found object and image, language, photography and installation. He holds a BA from Chelsea College of Art (2017) and received a MA in painting from the Royal College of Art (2019).


Hart’s work explores cross-modality–the overlap of the senses. The background sounds of the everyday usually go unnoticed until pointed out, but these subtleties become very apparent once highlighted–much like an individual mark in a painting, which is so important but also often unnoticed.